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Hanging with Mike Leach was a prize for a Wazzu contest, and he didn't disappoint

I'm not exactly sure what contest this was for, but whatever it was, one of the prizes was hanging out with Mike Leach.

To a Wazzu fan, that has to seem like quite the reward, and if it ended right there it would have been quite the experience in itself...but you never really know what you're getting with coach Leach (and that's 90% of the fun)

Before leaving his office, Leach took the phone of the lucky winner and recorded one of the best voicemail greetings I have ever heard, in a way that only he can.

This is truly awesome.

If I could get a custom voicemail greeting from one FBS head coach, Leach would be near the top, along with Les Miles (obvious choice), Steve Addazio (so he could say "Be a dude" 8 times in the message), Mike Gudy (for "I'm a man!" reasons), and Kliff Kingsbury (because then girls would call me just to get my voicemail).