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Happy 151st birthday college football

Today is the 151st birthday of college football.

On November 6th 1869, the first college football game was played between Rutgers and Princeton.The schools, that are 20 miles apart, had a standing rivalry because of baseball competitions, that carried over to this new sport. To distinguish players from spectators, players wore red scarves around their heads. The game more closely resembled rugby and each team had 25 players on the field.

College football rules weren't solidified until 7 years later when Columbia, Harvard, Yale and Princeton met to create them. This is where Walter Camp established specifics like number of players on the field and the line of scrimmage. The sport continued to gain popularity and the first college football game broadcasted over the radio came 52 years after the inaugural game. 18 years after that in 1939, college football was shown on television for the very first time.

Of course college football has evolved incredibly over the course of 151 years, but one thing is for sure it will always be America's favorite past time.

College football's birthday party today brings us these three games:

#11 Miami at NC State 7:30 PM on ESPN, San Jose State at San Diego State 9PM on CBSSN and #9 BYU at #21 Boise State 9:45PM on FS1

Happy birthday college football... thank you for years of entertainment, joy and sometimes frustration.

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