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Jim Harbaugh's message to parents: "Football has never been safer than it is right now"

Jim Harbaugh

In just a few short days, Jim Harbaugh and his staff will embark on the most prolific satellite camp any college coaching staff has ever been a part of, traveling for 38 different camps in June in locations ranging from Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Ohio, Mississippi, and even Hawaii, Australia, and American Samoa.

Before leaving Ann Arbor, Harbaugh and his staff hosted a camp working with kids between second and seventh grade. Harbaugh addressed the kids and parents in attendance for a minutes, and shared a brief message on the importance and safety of football today with them.

“Don’t know of any other sport that requires toughness, courage, discipline, being on time, teaching youngsters to be a part of a team,” Harbaugh noted in the Detroit Free Press. “So many good things come from being on a football team."

“There’s a lot of people attacking football these days, talking about it being too rough of a sport or too tough. I feel like there’s a real prejudice against football at all levels. But there’s just a misconception about football - football’s never been safer than it is now with the rule changes and technique changes.”

A lot of coaches around the country already echo that same sentiment on a daily, and weekly basis, but it's always good to hear it reinforced by one of the most prominent coaches in the game today.

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