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Harbaugh drops the mic: "Some people wake up on third base and think they hit a triple..."

Jim Harbaugh ended his presser after their win over Ohio State today with a true mic drop moment in the rivalry.

Jim Harbaugh has drawn all sort of criticism over the Wolverines shortcomings against the rival Buckeyes over the years from they were out-coached at times to they didn't emphasize the game enough.

But all that is in the past, and as"the monkey is off his back."

Earlier today, the Wolverines outplayed the Buckeyes and ran the ball in a dominant fashion to get Harbaugh his first win in five tries. The win ended an eight game win streak in the rivalry by the Buckeyes.

Since the two didn't meet in 2020 due to COVID issues in Ann Arbor, Ryan Day has led the Buckeyes for exactly one of those wins. Keep that in mind, because it's going to come into play.

Like most rivalries, there had been jabs from both Urban and Ryan Day aimed at their rivals in Ann Arbor over the years like when Harbaugh said he'd beat the Buckeyes or die trying, to which Day simply responded, "R.I.P."

Asked about those types of comments and all that has gone on in the rivalry over the years, and how that has fueled them to their win today, Harbaugh shared a real zinger.

"There's definitely stuff that has been said that has spurred us on even more, sure."

...and just when you thought Harbaugh was done answering the question, and they were about to move on, he shared a little something extra.

If you've followed Harbaugh for long enough, it's not a stretch to think it was a sentiment that was tucked away for a long, long time just waiting for the right moment.

Now, Harbaugh had the floor, had his first win in the rivalry, and the moment was in front of him...and he took it. 

"Sometimes, there are people standing on third base that think they hit a triple...but they didn't."

With that, Harbaugh exited.

True mic drop moment in the rivalry...until next year.