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'Hard Knocks' style show coming to Washington State

It's been rumored all week but was finally confirmed on Saturday: Hard Knocks is coming to Washington State this season. Or at least something like it.

The program confirmed on Saturday Wazzu will get its own behind-the-scenes HBO show, although literally no details have been provided other than it'll be a behind-the-scenes show, focusing on Washington State, and airing on HBO. We don't even know if the show will even carry the Hard Knocks branding.

ESPN reported this week that HBO was in talks with Alabama, Arizona State and Penn State in addition to Wazzu for behind-the-scenes shows. It's unknown if the network's interest was in creating a week-in-the-life show for multiple programs or finding the right school of the four to follow for the entire season. "As we do with all opportunities we feel can enhance our program, we are exploring the prospect of working on this project with the appropriate officials from all parties involved," Penn State said in a statement. Either way, the talks between HBO and Wazzu were far enough down the tracks late this week that the network had a camera crew at the Cougars' practice on Friday.

Whatever form the show ends up taking, it's important to remember this is far from the first behind-the-scenes show to follow a college football program. Showtime's A Season Withhas chronicled Notre Dame, Florida State and Navy, and Amazon's All or Nothingfollowed Michigan for the 2017 season. SEC Network, BTN, the Longhorn Network, Pac-12 Network and various other outlets have or are currently airing similar content as well.