This weekend, Hawaii is hosting their annual spring game, and they’re touting it as “the highest scoring spring game in the country, actually in the history of football.”

Just hearing that you probably think about Georgia Tech’s 222-0 drubbing of Cumberland in 1916…but Hawaii’s spring game is going to make that one look tame, and there’s no exaggeration there at all.

Allow me to explain: Take a look at the scoring system coach Rolovich and his program will be using for their game.

Touchdowns worth 2.5 million. Turnovers worth 1 million, and a really interesting extra  point structure that can only be explained by employing the endlessly creative Nick Rolovich as your head coach.

Points = Entertainment, and with the coin toss being replaced by a dance off, entertainment looks to be plentiful for Hawaii’s spring game. This looks like it could end up being a whole lot of fun for both players and fans.

Bravo for the creativity.

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