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What are you doing to mold your staff into coordinators, and eventually, head coaches?

The higher up on the coaching hierarchy you are, the more responsibility you bear for those you oversee. It's a responsibility you have to the coaching profession.

Head coaches should look out for coordinators and assistants making sure they have the tools to take the next step in their careers, and coordinators have the same duty to the assistants under them.

According to Kent State head coach Paul Haynes, no one did that better than former Ohio State head coach, and current Youngstown State president Jim Tressel. During Haynes' seven years as an assistant at Ohio State, Tressel would met with him and talk about the types of things he should be doing, and thinking, in order to be a head coach one day.

"Tress did a great job kind of molding guys into being head coaches," Haynes told

"We'd have a yearly meeting with him and that was the point he always made to you, of, 'Hey, you've got to go on and do these things and evolve in trying to be a head coach.' And I'll never forget it, maybe it was my fifth year, and he said, 'I think you need to try to go on this path to be a head coach.' And my answer to him was, 'I don't think I'm ready and I don't know if I want to do that.'"

"Then he said, 'I'll tell you this. You'll never be ready, because there's no manual on it. But this is something that you should want to do.' "That was about the first time I thought about it, because I was happy being a secondary coach. But that was where my vision kind of changed."

Haynes' story is an excellent teaching point. As a head coach, and even as a coordinator, you should be doing everything in your power to mold the coaches around you, whether it's an assistant who wants to be a head coach someday, or a grad assistant or intern that has his sights on running a Fortune 500 company, make sure you're leading them down the right path and give them the guidance they need.

Make sure you're sitting down with your staff a few times a year to understand where they want to go, and how you can help them get there. Coaching is a crazy profession, you never know when the tables may be turned one day and you're working for them.

Haynes and Kent State open up the 2014 season against Ohio and South Alabama at home before heading to Ohio State, his old stomping grounds, on September 13th.