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HBO approached Michigan State about doing a college version of "Hard Knocks," and Dantonio turned it down


It's an idea the dude in the next cubicle over has tried to enlighten you with every year. "You know what'd be awesome? If they had a college version of Hard Knocks! Wouldn't that be awesome?"

Of course, we've had similar versions, what with Notre Dame's show on Showtime, Ohio State's show on BTN, Texas's All-Access on Longhorn Network, and a number of imitators on ESPN, Pac-12 Network and SEC Network. But nothing matches the original - especially considering the schools have their hands in editorial decisions. We need a "Hard Knocks" for college football.

Turns out HBO already thought of that.

An incredibly disappointing piece of news. And, yet, at the same time, an entirely sensible move by Dantonio. If I was a head coach, I would turn down "Hard Knocks" 100 times out of 100.