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HBO Real Sports doing feature on NFL's failure to hire more minority head coaches

The topic of a lack of head coaching opportunities for minority candidates at the college and NFL level is something we all talk about a handful of times each year, and while the NFL has recently rolled out a creative NFL Draft incentive for teams that prepare minority head coaches and general managers, there is still a vast disparity that needs to be overcome.

Tomorrow night, HBO will run a feature story on the NFL's failure to hire more minority coaches on the hit show Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

The piece will feature conversations with Mike Tomlin (who coincidentally recently tested positive for COVID), as well as former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis.

"It is a global, collective failure from my perspective," Tomlin shares to open the clip.

In the teaser for the story, Tomlin, who sits in on the owners meetings every year when the lack of minority representation among head coaches is discussed, and is asked if he "knows bullshit when he sees it" by host Bryant Gumbel.

"I don't know if it is at the time," Tomlin starts by saying. "But I know that the results are."

"If you are looking for guys that are coordinators, there are examples of that. If you want a guy that is a proven, capable leader, there's Jim Caldwell and Marvin Lewis and then there is guys like Todd Bowles and Raheem Morris."

"There are capable examples of minority candidates, no matter what the profile."

The feature will undoubtedly shine a bright light on an issue we all recogniz, but the question remains: Will it spark meaningful change?

Tune into HBO tomorrow to catch the full story, and catch the rest of the teaser below.