Darren Rovell did something interesting on Twitter over the past two days. He got his hands a number of old business cards and shared them with the masses.

Here’s former U.S. hockey coach Herb Brooks:

Here’s Bobby Jones:

Here’s Jackie Robinson:

And here’s former Florida head coach Urban Meyer:

Wait, what?

Why was Florida’s shipping address on Urban’s business card? What good is that going to do anyone? Why doesn’t the head coach have a direct phone line? And why is his fax number on there?

They key to a business card is to make it memorable, deliver the message you want conveyed, and to have the relevant info on it. (Not all of the info, only the relevant info for 95 percent of users.)

I fully recognize this card was likely made back in 2005, but if your business card resembles the one above, it may be time to rethink your strategy.

The goal should be to emulate Derek Mason, not 2005 Urban. The presumption is that Mason’s relevant contact info (direct line, email and potentially cell phone & twitter handle depending on who you are & who you give these to) is on the back.

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