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Heard County High School coach Tim Barron is a leader

I don't know all of the background and I don't really know how their season is going; but read this letter we saw posted online that Heard County (GA) head coach Tim Barron wrote to his overall community.

This man is a leader.

Note, we originally saw the letter posted on the HeardCitizen.

Coach Barron approved our request to publish it as well.

To the Heard County Community:

Let me start off by telling you that I have never taught and coached at a better place. From the very top to the very bottom, the Heard County School System has put kids above all others.

I also want the fans to understand that I am not upset about fans questioning calls and being upset with the coaches about our record.

Honestly, I am glad we are at a point where losing is not the expectation. I do not ever want to be at a place where it is ok to be average.

Let it be clear to the fans that it is ok to question calls. I do it every Saturday when I watch college ball. That is a part of the game.

This is far deeper than that. I do my best to stay off the social media but there comes a point when you can only stand by for so long.

We as coaches put these kids through so much just to be a part of this team. Every kid we have has sacrificed blood sweat and tears to represent this community the best that they can. Some do it at practice and you never get to see it in the game.

Every kid that is on this team at this moment is special because they have had the intestinal fortitude to survive while others chose to quit.

No player comes out on game day to make mistakes or play poorly. These kids walk on that field to showcase their skills and to give this entire community something to be proud of. If we fall short, it is on me and me alone. It is my job to have the coaches ready and the team prepared.

Where I am going with all this is that I can no longer sit back quietly and accept that it is ok to yell and scream horrible things about individual kids.

When it gets to the point that the parents of some of our players do not wish to sit with our own fans, then it is time for all of us to come together and put an end to it.

When people in this community are going on anonymous social media apps and degrading players by name then it is time for us to come together and put an end to it.

As a coach, one part of my job is to motivate our kids to perform better. Yes, sometimes it requires for me to be vocal and hard on them. A bigger part of my job is to protect them and let them know I care for them.

I have no authority beyond coaching some kids but I ask each and every member of this community to stand behind these young men. All the negativity has become a distraction and it is time for us to come together.

Coach Barron

Heard County, I'm here to tell you that you have a good man running your football program.