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Helfrich: "The best way to train QBs is to simulate reality"


After putting up impressive numbers last year, Marcus Mariota is off to a Heisman worthy start again this season, tossing 13 touchdowns and zero interceptions along with a 74% completion mark (first nationally) and 1,135 yards. And that's with defenses like Michigan State's in the rear view mirror.

Following their Sunday practice as the Ducks prepare for Arizona, Mark Helfrich was asked how they simulate sudden change situations in practice, and the reporter noted an interception in last year's game with the 'Cats. Helfrich responded by explaining the importance of "simulating reality" in practices well before fall camp begins.

"The words that I have always said as a quarterback guy is to simulate reality. We try to simulate the reality. As a quarterback, the only reality that matters is real 11-on-11 football, and that's the best way to practice, but you can't obviously do that in March."

"So we try to create those moments, whether it's that position, or the almost false enthusiasm of sprinting on the field to defend after that play or whatever. It's a mindset of whether you have back to back turnovers, or whatever the adversity is for that phase, or that side of the ball." Helfich explained.

"We just try to create as many things that we know are going to come up, and then try to invent a few that might."