As a first year head coach there’s no limit to the limits you’ll go to in order to get your face in front of your fan base. James Franklin once said that he’d go to a kid’s birthday party and blow up balloons.

For Bob Diaco, those limits don’t include hopping on a cooking segment. Diaco proudly admits he does the cooking in the house, and shares during the segment that if he didn’t get into coaching, culinary school was another option that he seriously considered.

As I watch Diaco work his magic in the kitchen, which is something he’s obviously passionate about, I can’t help but flash back to Herb Hand’s TV cooking premier on chopped a few nights ago and drool a bit as thinking up the dishes the two could whip up for the entire Scoop staff.

…Yes. I’m officially throwing my name (as well as Zach and Scott) in the ring as judges if the people over at Food Network ever come to their senses and have a cook off featuring strictly college coaches.

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