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Video: All access look at the duties of an FBS 'Director of Player Development'

Every FBS program has multiple people in roles assigned to helping players off the field reach their full potential as people, students, and athletes. Throughout the off season we field a lot of questions about the specific job duties of guys in "player development" or "player personnel", and Cincinnati's highlight of Antrione Archer provides a lot of answers to those questions.

At Cincinnati, Antrione Archer carries the title of "director of player development." In the video, he helps to explain exactly what comes with that title, and the cameras profiles his daily interaction with the players.

"I take the initiative of helping to make leaders on this football team. Not from a football perspective, but just from a life perspective in general. Because what you take on the field, you can off the field, you can take it to the classroom, you can take it to the work place."

"It's exciting, because I know the need.' Archer goes on to explain. "It helps me, and I enjoy coming to work everyday because I know that there is a void that needs to be filled. There is a void of having that person in their life that they can go to, and relate with on many different levels."

Archer also carries the dual purpose of being the team chaplain as well, although he notes he makes sure that he isn't one of those guys that walks around and players whisper, "Oh no, here he comes again, Mr. Holier-than-thou."

Hear more about Archer's duties, which apparently also means keeping things light at practice by dressing as Santa, in the clip below. It really does provide an interesting look at the duties of one of the vital roles outside of the nine assistants in the immediate spotlight.