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Here's another creative way to stay in recruits' minds


Universities, their players, their coaches, and their people land recruits. To get to that point, though, you have to be in the conversation. The more creatively you can get into that conversation, the better.

Which brings us to the recruiting app Rutgers sent us this spring. We've written about it previously but, for those unaware, it's an augmented reality app that the Scarlet Knights' recruiting staff can update with interactive content whenever they choose.

Here is what it looks like in the iTunes store:

Rutgers can unlock features within the app - videos, interactive uniform featuers, etc. - through emails, mailers, or even t-shirts. The Scarlet Knights tweeted us today the latest update, which interacts with their camp t-shirt that allows campers to "explore interactive content." Just what that content is exactly, well, you'll have to get a t-shirt to find out. That's kind of the point. 

Battle Ready Rutgers

Again, no one is going to commit based on the fact that they can unlock an app feature through their t-shirt. But that was never the goal in the first place. Recruiting, in many ways, is about getting recruits to talk about you, and this seems to do just that.