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Here's why your athletics departments needs to have a clear social media strategy


Auburn assistant athletics director for digital media Jason Matheson tweeted this chart out on Wednesday morning:


First of all, the fact that Auburn even has an assistant AD for digital media shows you how far along the Tigers are in understanding the social media game.

I have no idea how Auburn counted its social media followers, but I'm guessing they added together all of their official social media followings, therefore counting many people multiple times. If you're following the official Auburn football Instagram account, you probably also follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and there's a good chance you're following Auburn football recruiting or Auburn basketball.

Even still, holy cow would you look at the advantage Auburn has in spreading its message. The numbers here almost don't even matter. A newspaper has a one-shot chance to spread its message to you. Social media offers unlimited chances, and it allows you to tailor its message to the platform. And that's on top of the fact that more people per month visit than open the sports section of their local paper. 

A unified front will allow Auburn to spread its message in a way that makes newspapers matter even less than they already do. That's a tremendous amount of power.