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Here's an all access look behind what inspired the new OK State uniforms, and watch the team react to the new threads

The new uniforms that Oklahoma State rolled out yesterday evening, with the help of some famous models, have been "the talk of the town", and, thanks to Oklahoma State, we now we get an inside look at what inspired the new threads.

"They are always looking to push the envelope farther, and they are really a leader when it comes to innovation on the field," Kristy Lauzonis, an apparel graphics designer for Nike that worked on the new uniforms explained.

"So we started by digging into the history and heritage of the program, and the big thing to me was Pisol Pete. He's really one of the coolest mascots in all of college football, so as we got into it, we wanted to figure out how we can incorporate this into the uniform, and what is it about the Cowboy that is really utilitarian - and it's that bandanna."

That bandanna served as the launching point for the story that the Oklahoma State football brand wanted to tell with these new uniforms.

"What we wanted to do from our end is to create something unique that nobody else had, and we wanted to tell our story of our traditions of Oklahoma State football," Matt Davis, the Cowboy's director of football equipment operations explained.

Look closely at the details woven into the neck of the new uniforms and you'll see Boone Picken Stadium, the retired jersey numbers of former OK State players, as well as a number of other details specific to the program in Stillwater woven into the paisley pattern. That creativy stretches all the way down to the new "barbed wire" font that runs down the leg of the pants.

"It excites our team to have the newest and latest uniforms," Mike Gundy explains toward the end of the clip. We did this many years ago and now it's time for a new look, so we wanted to stay ahead of the curve and keep Oklahoma State's uniforms out in front of everyone else's in the country."

Take a look at how the team reacted to the new uniforms, and the former players modeling them, in the clip below.