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Here's an idea to put all of your old play call sheets to good use

Cleaning out my home office over the weekend, and recently setting up my office at a new program I have uncovered a number of play call sheets from over the years spanning from some of the biggest games I've ever been a part of, to blowouts.

I really had to convince myself that there is really litte-to-no sense in keeping them, right?

But then, during the NFL draft over the weekend with head coaches and GMs doing their picking from the comfort of their own homes, my eyes were opened to a new possibility.

While covering the in-home Draft setup for Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy revealed a really intriguing option for those old play call sheets - Why not make them into your home office / man cave wall paper?

Surely this works a lot better with the absolute enormous play call sheets used in the NFL, and guys like Ben McAdoo with a literal multi-layered play call menu required to flip between, would be able to fill their walls a lot quicker than the Air Raid guys like Mike Leach who have their call sheet shrunk down to the size of an index card.

Save up some good deeds fellas, because the wife is going to need to be on board with a home decorating decision like this one.