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Forget the actual bowl gifts, here's what each bowl game SHOULD give out


Earlier this morning we published a list of bowl gifts, courtesy of the Sports Business Journal.

While those gifts are great, we couldn't help but think: What kind of gifts would fit these bowl games even better, or better yet, what SHOULD they really be giving out?

This is one of those ideas that we have on occasion that can only reach its true potential with help from creative minds like yours. We took a stab at nine of them below, but all bowl games are fair game.

If you have something fitting that you'd like to add, send the bowl name, and the suggestion to me @CoachSamz or email them to me at

The best / most appropriate ones will get updated in the chart in red font, with credit to the Twitter handle / email address.



Legally binding paperwork stating that your program cannot be shut down for any reason, no matter how ridiculous A written promise that Ray Watts will never become president of your university

Winning team has the option to appear in the Super Bowl commercial Losing team appears in a commercial aired during every WNBA playoff game

Official permission to wear flip flops (socks optional) year round

Instead of discounted wings on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday, wings are free for a year on those days Creative freedom to create you own sauce and have it featured nationwide Never have to pay for a side of ranch (or any condiment for that manner) The courage to try to Blazin wings challenge

Winning team gets their taxes done for free

Every player gets every conceivable piece of Duck Commander gear on the market. Literally one of every item ever made Robertson family males must die their beards in winning team's colors for the next Duck Dynasty season An unlimited amount of Si's iced tea in the facility leading up to the bowl game Winning team receives a pregame speech delivered by Si Robertson before a future game (via Taylor Mitchell - @Moneymitch_39)

If there is a Popeyes in your program's town, they are required to stay open until 3am to take care of those "late night cravings" Winner gets the secret ingredients to Popeye's Red Beans and Rice recipe (via Josh Brooks - @MillsapsAD)

50% off tickets for a year to the winning team 10% tickets to the losing team

7 Ed Hardy or Affliction label t-shirts (one size fits most) Jeans with fake jewels on the pockets 1 year free supply of hair gel/spray The full DVD collection of Jersey Shore: Miami


 The winning team's hometown Chick-Fil-A has to open one Sunday a month (via Josh Brooks - @MillsapsAD)