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Here's Chris Klieman's first meeting with his new Kansas State players

Chris Klieman said he would be "so jacked" to be the next Kansas State head coach, and through one meeting he's lived up to his word.

The Klieman clan flew from Fargo to Manhattan on Tuesday night, and before he met the public on Wednesday morning, he introduced himself to his new Kansas State team.

Klieman introduced himself by establishing his core values -- character, work ethic and "a burning desire to compete" -- and mentioning a certain Philadelphia Eagles quarterback as the prime example of what happens when players buy into his culture.

"What it's about is doing it for the guy next to you," Klieman said. "Laying it on the line -- laying it on the line! -- for the guy next to you. If you guys to do that and win every dang day.... you bust your ass and you win tomorrow, academically, socially, athletically. If you do that, guys, and we all do that together, there isn't anybody stopping our ass."