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Here's the full trailer for HBO's new Joe Paterno movie

After putting out a teaser a few weeks ago, HBO has now released the full trailer for its upcoming Joe Paterno movie, titled simply, "Paterno."

As you could have guessed by the teaser, the movie will focus on Paterno's (played by Al Pacino) final days --and more specifically what he did or did not know about Jerry Sandusky -- cast against the backdrop of the environment around the Penn State campus as the scandal erupted. As with most movies tackling complicated topics, "Paterno" seems to slice the story down into a streamlined plot, pitting Harrisburg Patriot-News reporter Sara Ganim as Paterno's adversary.

No matter how fast and loose "Paterno" plays with the truth -- if the knowledge a deceased man did or did not have is even a provable concept -- about its subject, the fact that the larger story has now been dramatized makes it all the more galling. That a major college football assistant coach could for years molest dozens of boys and get away with it for decades would simply be unbelievable if it didn't actually happen.

"Paterno" comes to an HBO screen near you on April 7.