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Here's how much each Power 5 conference distributed in 2014-15

Breaking Bad money

The ACC has revealed its tax documents for 2014-15, as obtained by USA Today, and with that each of the Power 5 conference has now put its books on the, well, books.

And thanks to USA Today, we can now compare just how relatively rich these rich conferences are. Below are the per school distributions (full shares only) given by each Power 5 league:

  1. SEC: $32.6 million*
  2. Big Ten: $32.4 million
  3. ACC: $25.8 million*
  4. Pac-12: $25.1 million
  5. Big 12: $23.4 million^

* - Splitting difference between highest and lowest distributions, as listed by USA Today
^ - Does not include third-tier payments such as Longhorn Network

The SEC and Big Ten are already $7 million per school, per year ahead of the rest of the pack, and they're also the only two conferences with massively profitable television networks that are only growing more profitable by the year.

In other words, the Power 5 is now the Power 2.