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Here's how Joe Moorhead lays out his practice structure to simulate games

Every chance Joe Moorhead has had to lead a program he's believed in structuring practice as much like a game as possible. It started at Fordham (FCS - NY) where had a really successful run before becoming the offensive coordinator for James Franklin at Penn State.

Now, in his second season leading the Mississippi State program, Moorhead shared how he has elected to structure his practices to simulate that game day environment.

"We've really made a conscious effort to make sure that we take two-five minute water breaks throughout the course of practice. We separate team periods with install and review periods and walk throughs to make it as close to a simulation of a game as possible."

"We do individual stuff, then we do special teams. Then we water them down, then we have a team period, a 7-on-7, and then an install and review, and then another water."

"We want them to concentrate on their energy, their effort, and their execution. When you put that kind of schedule together, I think the kids like it and allows them to think about, not just getting through the rep, but maximizing it."

So many programs are stuck in a practice structure because it's what coaches are comfortable with. How about rethinking that and structuring it in a way that most resembles games?

Hear more from Moorhead below.