The figures are in, and once again the SEC just makes more.

The ACC’s financials for the 2017 fiscal year were released on Friday, completing the cycle for the most recent year on record.

And once again, the SEC led the way, distributing between $39.9 and $42 million to its 14 members. The Big Ten was next in line at $37 million, followed by the Big 12’s $34 million, the Pac-12’s $30.9 million and then the ACC, which varied from $25.3 to $30.7 million per school.

Of note: the Big 12’s $34.3 million figure does not include third-tier rights, such as the Longhorn Network.

Though the ACC is in last place for now, the conference is on schedule to launch the ACC Network next year.

And here’s how much each conference paid its chief executive for the most recent year on record.

Steve Berkowitz reported the American’s Mike Aresco made $1.86 million (on $75.4 million in revenue) over the same period.

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