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Here's a sneak peek at Kentucky's new $45 million facility that they're revealing to players today

Later today, Kentucky is rolling back the curtain on their new facility and bringing players in to see it for the first time.

Located adjacent to Commonwealth Stadium, the new facility is around 98,000 square feet and will house state-of-the-art dining facilities, nutrition and health care services, an expansive weight room, a massage therapy area, smoothie bar, barber shop, and hot and cold pools with plenty of flat-screen TVs.

Also included in the new facility is an impressive new locker room, and last night a tweet surfaced of it in all of its glory. That giant thing on the wall in the middle of the video is apparently a monster TV.

Athletic director Mitch Barnhart noted to the Courier Journal that the new $45 million facility will be a "one stop shop" for players where they'll be able to train, do their academic work, and get most of their meals.

Stay tuned later today for more on the new facility.