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Here's what Vanderbilt is looking for in their next head coach

Since deciding to part ways with Derek Mason over the weekend, there has been no shortage of opinions on social media on what direction Vice Chancellor for Athletics Candice Storey Lee should go when choosing the next leader of the program.

Does Vanderbilt need to be different to win in the SEC? Would bringing in a successful option coach work to their advantage? Shortly after Mason's departure, we laid out a look at early Vandy candidates that include some sitting head coaches, and top assistants.

Today, while addressing the media, Lee shared her thoughts on where the process is heading, including a note that a search film will be involved.

"I want to be open. I have learned over time, if you come in with a set list, you don't want to narrow your focus. That said, demonstrated ability to run a program, and experience as a head coach is something I am interested in, but it's not a dealbreaker."

"Offensive minded is something that I am interested in," she went on to share.

She was careful to not rule out head coaches with experience on the defensive side of the ball though. "If you're not an offensive coach, then certainly who is on your staff and the style of play is going to be very important."

As for a timeline, Lee shared that they want to move as fast as they can and "I can't say it's out of the question that we'll have a coach before signing day, but that may not be the case."

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