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Hi, I'm Maddie

Hi, I'm Maddie.

My football roots run deep. Football has been a huge part of my life for my entire life. Not only am I a coach’s daughter, a coach’s granddaughter, a coach’s niece and a coach’s wife... now I am a football writer.

As a baby, my first word was “ball” and I was carried around like a football at practice by my dad.

As a kid, I impressed teachers at recess by throwing perfect spirals. I wore Broncos jerseys instead of playing with Barbies. And I never missed a single game that my dad coached.

As an adult, I can be found under the lights on the sidelines with my dad, who is now an athletic director, or sitting in the stands cheering for (or yelling at) my husband as he coaches.

The grit that I gained from years of participating in football camp led me to be a 3-sport athlete, an all-state powerlifter in high school, and earn a scholarship to play volleyball at Western State Colorado University.

To me, football is more than a game, it's family tradition. I'm excited to join the FootballScoop family.


I look forward to sharing stories about the game I love and the incredible people involved in it.

Keep up with me on FootballScoop, on Twitter @maddiebethann and Instagram @missmaddiebethann.