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High school forfeits game after players vandalize rival's stands with syrup, poop, and spray paint

This past Friday, as players and communities from Hesperia HS (CA) and Oak Hills HS (CA) were set to square off on Senior Night at Oak Hills, school officials from Hesperia released a statement that they would be forfeiting the contest.

The decision was relatively easy to make when you consider that a group of Hesperia students, including a number of football players, vandalized the Oak Hill bleachers, egged the press box, spray painted an expletive on the field, and planted their school flag at midfield the night before the big game.

We're not talking your average, everyday, "this is just kids-being-kids" type of vandalism though. This goes well beyond that. According to local reports from Victor Valley News, Hesperia students poured syrup and flour on the stands, and - here's the kicker - also left poop in the bleachers.

That had to be a nightmare to clean up.

That where Oak Hills custodians, volunteers and school employees came in, as they banded together Friday during the day to clean up the mess in hopes of saving the Senior Night festivities and game, but with a number of Hesperia's players linked to the debauchery, Hesperia decided it was best to just forfeit the game.

The sign that was posted can be seen below.

“It’s very disappointing, especially for those that weren’t involved. We met today as a team, we talked about the right thing to do and the standards that we hold here. What makes us better than a lot of programs is that we hold ourselves accountable for that,” Hesperia head coach Jeremy Topete explained to USA Today.

UPDATE: Sources tell FootballScoop that Hesperia head coach Jeremy Topete has resigned. See High School Scoop for the latest.