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High school coach facing criminal charges following reaction to controversial no-call

Update >> Assistant coach Jason Storm turned himself in and was booked at 4:20am this morning on a 1st degree harassment charge, according to KCRG.

That could set an interesting precedent for coaches everywhere...

Further update>> We figured there had to be more to the story than what he had already seen...and sure enough, according to the criminal complaint, Storm told the official he was going to "f___ing kill him". Yep, that crosses the line. Can't happen.

Original article>

Lincoln HS (IA) assistant coach Jason Storm has voluntarily resigned following a heated on-field incident with an official last Friday night.

The situation unfolded against Dowling Catholic HS (IA) after a dangerous, and highly questionable hit on Storm's son, the Lincoln HS quarterback. Storm's son, who missed games with a concussion last year, took what looked like a helmet-to-helmet hit after scrambling to buy some time to throw, and a flag was not thrown on the play.

Storm, who has since apologized for his actions, stormed the field in anger and had to be restrained by some fellow assistants.

According to WHOTV, the IHSAA is reviewing the video and plans to speak to those involved. Also, West Des Moines police are also apparently looking into the incident with an investigation of their own.

Des Moines Public Schools sent the following statement to WHOTV on the incident.

“However, the video clearly shows a dangerous incident occurring during the game right in front of the referee, who did not call a penalty. The district is now waiting to see what responsibility this referee is going to take for their mistake and if there will be any action by the Iowa High School Athletic Association in response to a dangerous missed call.”

As coaches, I'm sure that we would all love it if officials acknowledged their mistakes. As frustrating as it it, the reality is that just simply doesn't happen in 99% of cases. With that said, there is no place for a coach, or player, to rush an official in a manner like that. Simply cannot happen. As stated earlier in the article, coach Storm recognizes that, and has apologized.

Head here to read more, and see the full clip of the hit, no-call, and reaction, below.