A month or so ago I did a piece laying out the 30 additional titles you better be ready to take on as a head coach. One thing that I did not include on that list – bus driver.

One thing every high school head coach in America wishes they had is 100% attendance (or at least close to that) during the off season. But the question is what are you doing to help make that happen?

Marion Brown, the head coach at Baptist Hill HS (SC) took matters into his own hands this summer to ensure his players got to workouts. He did that by driving a bus 2.5 hours to pick them up, and then another 2.5 hours after practice to drop them off.

“Look where we are. We have some hard-working parents in this area. They work during the summer days. So how can we get them to the school if the parents are at work? Well, you go pick them up.”

“You want them to perform for you on Friday nights, so you’ve got to perform for them Monday through Thursday.”

Check out the story highlighting coach Brown’s dedication, and what it means to players, in the clip.

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