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High school coach gets handcuffed on the field; sues, receives $25,000

Short version of the story is...high school coach had his players warming up on the field before an away playoff game. The principal of his opponent (the home team) came on the field and told coach to remove his players so the home band could perform. Coach did not follow instructions. Principal had a police officer handcuff and remove the coach from the field. Coach subsequently filed a lawsuit against the principal, the school board and the police involved. Recently, the lawsuit was settled with the school board paying the coach $25,000.

Ok, before reading any further, go ahead and decide in your own mind whether this happened in a) Florida b) Louisiana c) New Jersey d) Mexico.

Yes, friends, the incident in question happened in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. Several years back head coach Barry Musemeche had his Live Oak squad about to face off vs Parkway High when Parkway Principal Nicole Bourgeois told him to get his squad off the field so the band could do their thing. Musemeche reportedly did not follow instructions leading, ultimately, to Musemeche being cuffed and escorted from the field. lolwut??? #OnlyInLouisiana

For more on the story we turn to NBC6 News.

If there is a lesson to be learned here...well, friends, the lesson is simply to act like grownups. Work things out. Be leaders and role models for your players.