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HS coach resigns but refuses to say he's stepping down...instead he is "stepping up as a father and husband"

The High School Scoop is loaded daily with head coaches around the country that have decided to step down or resign.

Literally thousands and thousands of coaches have made that decision, but one coach out in California made a conscious effort to phrase his decision a little differently, and it caught my attention and how he handled it deserves to have some light shed on it..

Anthony White led the program at Buena Park HS (CA) for seven seasons and while he inherited a team that went just 2-8 the season before, he led them to a winning season ever year under his guidance, missing the playoffs just one time during that run even advancing to the semifinals in 2014 and 2015. White led the program to an impressive 10-2 finish this past season before losing in the second round of the playoffs to Edison, who would go on to be named the Division 3 CIF champ.

So why did his decision to step away catch my attention? It's all about how he worded the decision.

Mid Valley Sports notes that White explained that "he's not stepping down" as head coach, but is rather "stepping up as a father and husband."

As coaches, we all understand the time commitment that this game takes, and that often means sacrificing family time, so to see coach White acknowledge that, and say that he needs to step up in his roles of being a father and husband is very admirable something that most, if not all, coaches can appreciate.

How he decided to word it may seem small to some, but I think it's something that most, if not all, coaches can appreciate.