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High school football players previously suspended for carrying flags lauded by President Trump

Monday night at his campaign rally in Swanton, Ohio President Donald Trump brought 2 high school football players, Jared Bentley and Brady Williams, on stage.

President Trump said, "They were recently suspended from their high school football team after displaying flags in support of police and our first responders on the anniversary of September 11th attacks." Trump added, "I want to congratulate you."

At their Little Miami (OH) High School football game on September 11th, the boys, both of whom are sons of first responders, ran across the field carrying flags in support of first responders. The Monday after the game, the boys were suspended for violating school rules. They were reinstated after serving a one day suspension.

The boys had asked for the school's approval to carry the flags before the game; but were denied permission. They carried the flags anyway. The school subsequently suspended them; but after a one day investigation rescinded the suspension.

In making that announcement the school noted their investigation made it clear the boys were not doing this for political purposes.

This incident garnered national attention, and evidently the attention of the president.

The President commended the boys saying, “I’m joined tonight by two high school football players. They became very famous. They became more famous than President Trump. They were beautiful. I watched them running through the crowds with those flags.”

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