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High school player has died after log he and teammates were carrying fell on him

A terrible tragedy has occurred. Please, before we go on, join me in saying a prayer for Joshua Mileto, his family and friends, the Sachem East team and community.

Yesterday, while Joshua and "about five of his teammates" were carrying a log during preseason camp, an accident happened. I've read multiple articles about this and from those accounts it appears that perhaps Joshua, who reportedly was in the middle of the group carrying the log, tripped and the log somehow fell on him. Local police responded to the scene, interviewed players, coaches and trainers who were present when the tragedy occurred and ruled this a terrible accident.

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I write the post today with heavy heart for the Miletos but also in hopes that this accident can be avoided by all in the future.

Over the past nine years I've owned FootballScoop we have posted countless videos of NFL, college and high school teams carrying a log in both team building and conditioning settings. People train with logs all over the world. I implore each of those who do, to ensure they are doing so with safety in mind. Please ensure the number of people lifting the weight can appropriately distribute that weight and know how to safely let it down at any time during the drill.

It was brought to our attention that one video we wrote about less than a month ago featured high school players pressing a log over head, moving it from shoulder to shoulder. That in and of itself is normal. However, in the video someone is seen spraying the players with a hose while they are lifting the log, heightening the risk of an accident occurring. That, in my opinion, was an unnecessary risk someone chose to take.

It is our sincere hope the Joshua Mileto tragedy serves as a rallying point for everyone in the football community, FootballScoop included, to constantly be mindful of the most important task any coach will ever be entrusted with -- the safety of the athletes placed in their care -- so that another Sachem East incident never happens again.

[Cover photo credit to Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara]