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High school student reportedly sneaks past security to offer Nick Saban $5k to leave Alabama

A high school junior reportedly crashed SEC spring meetings and snuck past security for a chance to shoot his shot with the GOAT.

As media members know, getting quality face-to-face time with Nick Saban (outside of the obligatory pressers) is probably more difficult than scheming up the perfect call against a Crimson Tide defense on third-and-long.

However, that didn't stop a high schooler from shooting his shot earlier this week at the SEC spring meeting.

According to Trey Wallace of Outkick, a high school junior from Louisiana got past a security checkpoint meant to weed out anyone who was not an SEC coach or administrator.

Why did he risk it? Well Wallace caught up with the kid and learned that he wanted to let Nick Saban know how much of a thorn in the side the Tide's coach has been for the past 12 years for the big LSU fan.

"I build myself up on Fridays thinking this is the year we’re gonna beat him, we’re gonna beat ’em. They have the lead and then they just blow up. I just think that I can’t believe I just witnessed another Saban beatdown again.”

“I respect him, I respect everything he does, I love his process, I love everything about him. I just can’t stand losing to him.”

When Saban was asked about the interaction, one additional fascinating detail was brought to light.

"The kid offered me $5,000 to leave Alabama and go back to LSU," Saban shared.

I can only imagine the smile that stretched across Saban's face when he heard that one.

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