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The highest-paid running backs coaches in college football

Now into our fourth position, we're gaining the ability to intelligently compare the market between positions, and the top 10 running backs coaches make about as much as the top 10 defensive backs coaches.

How does that make sense, given that in post-modern football defensive backs coaches are responsible for four (or five) (or six) players on the field at one time, while running backs coaches are responsible for just one? In a game where the running back position seemingly loses importance by the year, how are running backs coaches still getting paid?

Running backs coaches are often expected to be rain-makers on the recruiting trail. Whether or not they're compensated in the form of a recruiting coordinator or assistant head coach title or not, the best ones are compensated in dollar amounts.

1. Tommie Robinson, LSU -- $600,000
2. Dell McGee, Georgia -- $550,000
3. Tony Alford, Ohio State -- $525,000
3. Stan Drayton, Texas -- $525,000
5. Jay Graham, Texas A&M -- $475,000
6. Jay Boulware, Oklahoma -- $470,000
7. Greg Knox, Florida -- $451,000
8. Joe Pannunzio, Alabama -- $425,000
9. Derrick Nix, Ole Miss -- $400,000
10. Donte Pimpleton, Florida State -- $370,000
10. John Settle, Wisconsin -- $370,000
10. Jeff Traylor, Arkansas -- $370,000

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Notes of interest:

-- Once again, the purpose of this study is to understand the market for position coaches, not play-callers. Technically speaking, Clemson's Tony Elliott ($875,000) and Kentucky's Eddie Gran ($850,000) are the highest-paid running backs coaches in the country, but both are also offensive coordinators.

-- All salaries are rounded to the nearest thousand, but technically Settle earns more than Pimpleton and Traylor. How much more? $200. Assuming he gets paid biweekly, that's an extra $7.69 Settle takes home that Pimpleton and Traylor do not. Don't spend it all in one place, John.