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The highest-paid tight ends coaches in college football

Tight end is such an intriguing position in this wonderful game of ours. It's the only spot on the field that isn't absolutely vital for survival. Is it possible to build a good offense without a tight end? Of course it is. Is it possible to construct a truly great offense without one? I'm not so sure.

But as we'll see below, coaching tight ends often means you don't just coach tight ends. When you coach tight ends, it typically means you wear more hats than you have players on the field.

Without further ado, the highest-paid tight ends coaches in college football. (As always, information courtesy of USA Today's coaching salary database.)

1. Larry Porter, Auburn -- $525,000
2. Danny Pearman, Clemson -- $480,000
3. Vince Marrow, Kentucky -- $450,000
4. James Shibest, Virginia Tech -- $445,000
5. Mark Staten, Michigan State -- $438,000
6. Shane Beamer, Oklahoma -- $435,000
7. Jeff Banks, Alabama -- $434,000
8. Sean Beckton, Nebraska -- $400,000
9. Bobby Bentley, South Carolina -- $400,000
10. Derek Warehime, Texas -- $400,000

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Other notes:

-- Technically speaking, Kevin Wilson is the highest-paid tight ends coach in the country at $800,000 a year. Wilson is the rare offensive coordinator and tight ends coach in FBS. Another OC/TEs combo? Iowa's Brian Ferentz, who made $685,000 in 2018. Oregon's Marcus Arroyo coordinates the offense while coaching quarterbacks and tight ends.

-- Michigan State's case is an interesting one. Jim Bollman earned $542,000 as Michigan State's tight ends coach and co-offensive coordinator last season, but Mark Dantonio has since handed tight ends (plus special teams) duties to Staten.

-- Speaking of special teams coordinators, there are a lot on this list. Porter, Pearman, Staten, Banks and Warehime also handle special teams duties. Marrow is Kentucky's recruiting coordinator and NFL liaison. Beamer is Oklahoma's assistant head coach for offense in addition to coaching tight ends and fullbacks. Beckton and Bentley are the only coaches on this list to just handle tight ends.

-- Joe Jon Finley is a safe bet to join this list soon. He made $365,000 at Missouri, then left for Texas A&M, where Tim Brewster made $479,000 in 2018.