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Looking to establish a culture? This high school program's list could be a good way to start

The following has been making the rounds in the Ohio high school coaching rankings. One of them decided to share it with us, and we've decided to pass it along to you.

Highland Park claims to be the winningest high school program in a state full of them. The program that produced Heisman Trophy winner Doak Walker, Pro Football Hall of Famer Bobby Layne and No. 1 draft pick Matt Stafford was the first in Texas to reach 700 wins, according to records dating back to 1923. And that in itself says a lot: Highland Park has been playing football since before 1923. What is tradition? Tradition is winning three out of every four games for nearly one hundred years.

So when the Scots stress to their current team to follow in the path cleared by the team of 1943, it adds some weight to the entire list.

These "Highland Park Football Objectives" have helped Highland Park's teams for decades, and they're helping some more in Ohio today. Maybe they could help yours, maybe not.

Either way, take a look.

  • “We want to have the finest sportsmanship and the highest regard for fair play of any team participating in football.
  • “We want to have the best physically fit group and play the most rugged brand of football.”
  • “We want to excel in having knowledge of the game and the ability to think.”
  • “When the going is rough and the breaks are against us we should like to be able to increase our efforts and with poise and determination that is unequaled.”
  • “We want to conduct ourselves both on and off the field in a manner that will glorify the game and bring honor to the school we represent.”
  • “We want to be better men because of our experience in football and hope football will be a better game because we played.”
  • “We want to realize the true purpose of attending high school and have a deep appreciation of scholarship.”
  • “We hope that no member of the Squad will cast a reflection on this desire by failing to do the work that is required of him in any subject
  • “The squad of 1943 is well acquainted with the high level of sportsmanship that has been maintained by the Highland Park teams of the past and it wishes to congratulate the coaches and each and every member of those teams for their part in bringing about a wholesome attitude and appreciation for the game.”
  • “We the team of 1943 should like to offer these objectives to be placed in the dressing room with the hope that they may serve as a formal expression of the tradition that weill not only be carried on by future teams but that spirit behind these principals will permeate the entire student body.