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You be the judge: Is this hit from a HS game better than Clowney's?

Jadeveon Clowney's infamous hit on Michigan's Vincent Jackson ruled the SportsCenter Top Play chart for 45 straight sessions until it was eventually dethroned by Jack Hoffman's touching TD run at Nebraska's spring game.

For those that need a reminder, here's the hit.

That was probably the best hit I've ever seen...up until last night when I saw this on my Twitter feed from Tennessee commit Jocquez Bruce. I was then forced to ask myself; Which one is better?

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Clowney's near-perfect hit is that it not only jarred the ball loose, but he reached down to pick it up with one hand to scoop and score, which is why I, personally, have to give the edge to Clowney.

However, Butch Jones and his staff look to be getting a young cat that can lay the wood , and you can't teach those kind of instincts.