The new rules dropping the requirement that players receive their coaches’ approval before transferring, most expect, will open up the already ripe transfer market. TCU head coach Gary Patterson came out strongly against the new rule, telling the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “What we’re teaching our kids to do is quit. I’m not starting. I’m not getting my playing time. Every freshman I’ve ever known wants to transfer because it’s harder than anything else he did in high school.”

But just because players may now have carte blanche to leave their current roster doesn’t necessarily mean a spot will automatically open for them at their destination of choice.

At least not at West Virginia.

“The thing with transfers is you gotta figure out why they’re transferring,” Holgorsen said at Big 12 media days Tuesday. “You got some new proposal out there and I don’t know how I feel about it yet. Guys at some point are always going to want to transfer, but why are you transferring? I don’t want to hear because they’re not giving me a chance. I don’t want to hear that. That’s garbage. Every coach out there gives every player a chance. They recruit ’em. They’re going to give them a chance. I gotta figure out why they’re transferring.”

WVU’s quarterback and Heisman candidate Will Grier is himself a transfer. The Charlotte native signed with Florida in 2014 and led the Gators to a No. 8 ranking as a redshirt freshman in 2015 before he was suspended for a calendar year as in October.

He announced a transfer two months later.

“He needed a fresh start,” Holgorsen said. “I got to know his family and got to know Will and knew it was going to be a fantastic fit for us. He’s from Charlotte, five hours down the road. He’s got a supportive family. They’re able to come see him play a whole bunch. We had a need at that position. He came in and paid his time.”

Holgorsen closed the thought by stating players should have to serve a year-in-residence after transferring unless they’ve already earned their undergraduate degree — which is the current rule.

“This whole transfer and be eligible right away, the only way I think that should be a reality ever in life is if you graduate,” he said. “If you graduate at a specific school, then I think you should be able to have options. If you don’t, then I think you need to pay a price which is sit a year. We got three more guys coming eligible this year that all transferred from specific power five schools, T.J. Simmons, Jovani Haskins and Jack Allison, they came in, sat a year and paid the price and now they’re going to play for us next year.”