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Home Visit with Tyler Siskey: One on one with Hugh Freeze

So, we caught Episode One of Home Visit, Tyler Siskey's new podcast, featuring his one on one visit with Hugh Freeze....and it's a beaut Clark.

With Home Visit, Siskey seeks to give the listener insight into who these coaches really are, to hear what they care about and to enjoy some life stories that have helped make each coach the person they are today.

We loved this first episode and think most of you will too.

Highlights from Episode One with Hugh Freeze:

1:00 - 4:10 - Siskey shares insight into his new service (every coach should look into this).

9:15 - 24:15 - Freeze discusses a story only coaches (and their families) can relate to. A whirlwind story of Freeze going to San Jose State, only to get a call to come to Arkansas State as the moving truck was headed to California and his family was on a plane moving to California. Hilarity ensues. At one point Mrs. Freeze selects a home, the movers deliver and unload everything...and Coach finds out it doesn't get anything but local TV channels. Deal-breaker.

25:30 - 35:45 - Siskey & Freeze recount the headset "discussion" during a game in which Freeze was trying to get A-State into the Top 25 for the first time ever. Epic. Freeze, "I, uh, have matured quite a bit since that game I think."

36:10 - 39:00 - If Freeze could play one final round of his beloved golf, where and with who? In addition to his foursome, Freeze shares some stories about playing Augusta National in the past.

39:50 - 40:30 - Freeze brings Liberty to Ole Miss this upcoming season. Siskey poses a hypothetical; and you have to hear Freeze's response.

45:15 - 46:45 - Best assistant coach that you've ever been in a home visit with. Freeze shares love & fun with Wes "Crime Dawg" McGriff.

46:50 - 47:40 - The hardest head coach or assistant coach Freeze has recruited against. Saban for sure; but others deserve mention.

51:00 - 53:30 - If Freeze had to play against Nick Saban and four Alabama assistants in Summer basketball, who would Freeze put on the court with him? Enjoy....

The whole thing was a fun listen. Great idea by Siskey and we look forward to hearing from other coaches in the future.

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