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#HotTakes: 1st Month Winners & Losers

Those who follow us know that we tend to stick to reporting the facts and providing coaching perspective. #HotTakes is not something that we specialize in. That said, to turn the temperature up a good bit, we've brought in special correspondent Mackenzie Thirkill to give us her takes.

[Relevant, FoxSports all but announced that they no longer will cover games as reporters and are going full-time #HotTakes. FoxSports has now killed off their Saturday college football show, their daily football show and now whatever "America's Pregame" was is gone, too.]

I highly recommend the entire video but for those looking to hear specific takes, I'll highlight a few below.

0:40 - Tom Herman

1:45 - Kliff Kingsbury & Bret Bielema

3:30 - Michigan

4:45 - Fitz

5:30 - Toledo

6:00 - Florida

7:20 - Pac 12 North

8:40 - UCF

10:00 - Texas

10:50 - Maryland 


12:00 - Spurrier

13:10 - Leonard Fournette