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Houston Nutt, Ole Miss settle lawsuit

Ole Miss and Houston Nutt have settled their lawsuit.

The former Rebels head coach sued his former employer when he alleged that the school falsely pinned on him blame for NCAA violations that occurred largely under the Hugh Freeze regime. He sought an apology from the school. And money.

That last part was often forgotten during the course of this brutal suit that came at an untold cost to Ole Miss. The suit led to the discovery of a public misinformation campaign conducted through a number of local and national media members, and also to the discovery of calls between Freeze and a Tampa-area escort on his university-issued phone, which led to Freeze's quick and stunning resignation from the school.

Nutt originally sought monetary damages from Ole Miss, then later retreated from that strategy and asked simply for an apology. He got a statement on Monday.


Each side also released its own statement.


Nutt wished best wishes to Ole Miss's future -- a future that looks entirely different than it did before the lawsuit began.