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How are you communicating with your players?

Yesterday I saw a great article from my friend Zach Maurides who runs TeamWorks. I'll send you to the whole thing shortly; but allow me to paraphrase... The Pivot.

In 2000, Blockbuster (remember the once behemoth "video store") had the opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million. Blockbuster passed on the opportunity; and slowly faded into obscurity. Put simply, Blockbuster's management refused to Pivot.

Ok, so what's the relevance on the coaching profession? Well, Zach's thought piece is truly worth your time as it makes you rethink what you could be doing better. For example, he highlights the way several programs have adapted the way they communicate with their players to the way players communicate these days.


The article is brief but thought-provoking. I encourage you to read it when you have a few minutes and applaud Zach for taking the time to write this.