In his first nine games as the program’s head coach, Philip Montgomery has led Tulsa to as many victories (five) as the Golden Hurricane won in their previous 23 tries.

Beyond the wins, though, Montgomery and his staff has infused the program with two things every rebuilding program desperately needs: identity and energy.

The Golden Hurricane leads the nation in plays per game – they actually check in nearly three full snaps ahead of No. 2 Bowling Green – while jumping 60 spots nationally in yards per play and nearly 70 spots in scoring offense. That spike in offensive production has allowed Tulsa to sit on the brink of returning to a bowl game for the first time since winning Conference USA and taking down Iowa State in the 2012 Liberty Bowl – all while playing a schedule that includes three teams (Oklahoma, Houston, Memphis, two of them on the road) with a combined 25-2 record.

So, there’s the identity part of the equation. What about energy?

This video shows all you need to know.

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