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How many Division I programs made the postseason in football, basketball and baseball?

college baseball

The NCAA on Monday announced the field for the 64-team Division I baseball tournament, bringing to a close the final postseason field for the major revenue sports in college athletics. Which brings us to our annual tradition of tracking all the programs that reached the promised land on the gridiron, on the hardwood and on the diamond.

Once again, it's not many.

With 76 teams reaching the FBS postseason and 24 more in FCS, 68 invites given to the Big Dance and 64 more headed to next weekend's baseball extravaganza, that's a total of 232 bids given to 247 postseason-eligible Division I football-playing institutions - and only 14 of them made an appearance in all three.

The ACC and SEC led the way with three teams apiece, followed by the Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12 with two each. San Diego State was the only FBS mid-major to reach all three postseasons, and Coastal Carolina stands alone for cross-sport excellence in FCS.

Athletic directors everywhere, go ahead and forward this to your agents. You're welcome.

ACC (3) 
NC State
Notre Dame*

Big 12 (2)
Oklahoma State

Big Ten (2)

Pac-12 (2)

SEC (3)
Ole Miss

Mountain West (1)
San Diego State

FCS (1)
Coastal Carolina

* - Independent in football

While we're at it, bringing in the three major women's sports - volleyball, basketball, softball - whittles the list down to two: LSU and Texas.