Update> …And right on cue… Lincoln Riley has received quite a nice bump.

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University of Texas regents on Wednesday approved contracts for most of Tom Herman’s assistants, led by defensive coordinator Todd Orlando’s 3-year deal that will pay him a salary of $1.09 million a year.

The seven figure salary is the highest ever paid to a Texas assistant, and it completes — or, rather, continues — a meteoric rise in Orlando’s status as a college football assistant and a commensurate rise in his salary. Orlando’s next job will likely be as a head coach (with a raise to boot), meaning the Texas post is probably his final as an assistant. And with that, we took a look at the explosive growth in Orlando’s annual salary as he’s climbed the coaching ladder.

Todd Orlando Salary Progression

Year Job Salary
2012 FIU defensive coordinator $133,100
2013 Utah State defensive coordinator $202,240
2014 Utah State defensive coordinator $214,893
2015 Houston defensive coordinator $501,000
2016 Houston defensive coordinator $526,000
2017 Texas defensive coordinator $1.09 million

That’s an 850 percent raise over the course of six seasons. And, as we know, Orlando is far from the only coach to enjoy such a skyrocketing salary. Thanks to the USA Today coaching salary database, here are some comparable rises experienced by other coaches.

Dave Aranda

Year Job Salary
2012 Utah State defensive coordinator $155,000
2013 Wisconsin defensive coordinator $480,000
2014 Wisconsin defensive coordinator $480,000
2015 Wisconsin defensive coordinator $520,000
2016 LSU defensive coordinator $1.315 million
2017 LSU defensive coordinator $1.8 million

Geoff Collins

Year Job Salary
2009 UCF linebackers coach $127,531
2010 FIU defensive coordinator $146,969
2011 Mississippi State linebackers coach $280,000
2012 Mississippi State linebackers coach $284,200
2013 Mississippi State defensive coordinator $291,700
2014 Mississippi State defensive coordinator $575,000
2015 Florida defensive coordinator $701,500
2016 Florida defensive coordinator $1.05 million
2017 Temple head coach $2 million

Chip Lindsey

Year Job Salary
2014 Southern Miss offensive coordinator $150,000
2015 Southern Miss offensive coordinator $150,000
2016 Arizona State offensive coordinator $650,000
2017 Auburn offensive coordinator $700,000

Jeremy Pruitt

Year Job Salary
2010 Alabama defensive backs coach $190,000
2011 Alabama defensive backs coach $395,000
2012 Alabama defensive backs coach $260,000
2013 Florida State defensive coordinator $500,000
2014 Georgia defensive coordinator $851,600
2015 Georgia defensive coordinator $1.3 million
2016 Alabama defensive coordinator $1 million*
2017 Alabama defensive coordinator $1 million*

* – with a $300,000 offset from Georgia

Lincoln Riley

Year Job Salary
2012 East Carolina offensive coordinator $151,800
2013 East Carolina offensive coordinator $200,000
2014 East Carolina offensive coordinator $275,000
2015 Oklahoma offensive coordinator $500,000
2016 Oklahoma offensive coordinator $900,000
2017 Oklahoma offensive coordinator  $1.3 million

And now the mother of all climbers.

Hugh Freeze

Year Job Salary
2010 Arkansas State offensive coordinator $89,710
2011 Arkansas State head coach $151,660
2012 Ole Miss head coach $1.5 million
2013 Ole Miss head coach $2 million
2014 Ole Miss head coach $3 million
2015 Ole Miss head coach $4.3 million
2016 Ole Miss head coach $4.7 million
2017 Ole Miss head coach $4.85 million

Some of you reading this may be on the cusp of a 6-year rise like Orlando, Aranda (1,161 percent raise), Pruitt, Lindsey or even a Freeze (a whopping 5,406 percent raise!). Many more may be six years away from a 6-year run like this. But the point is this: someone is going to be the next Todd Orlando, the next Geoff Collins, the next Lincoln Riley.

The question you have to ask your self is: Who’s it going to be?