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How to structure and monitor practices and training after the quarantine with Arizona director of S&C Brian Johnson

Arizona director of strength and conditioning Brian Johnson joined us Wednesday to share some wisdom with coaches about about training during, and after the COVID-19 quarantine.

A topic that will really be of interest for our large audience of coaches, Johnson took us through some tips and advice on how to structure and monitor practices and training after the quarantine is lifted.

Here are a few notes I really liked from Johnson's presentation:

  • How reflecting on the NFL lockout of 2011, and the data on injuries of that season, has been a huge help
  • How they are adapting workouts for a wide array of guys with different resources at their disposal
  • What he expects from his guys as they return to campus after the quarantine
  • How he and his staff are adapting lifts for their guys and what they expect them to be doing
  • How the timing of the quarantine announcement has influenced how they approach their training moving forward
  • How to get the most out of training during quarantine
  • Some unique ways everyone can add weight to their workout with limited resources

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Here is coach Johnson's full clinic talk: