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How to survive the college football offseason, in one handy chart

College football has the longest offseason of many major American sport. It ends in mid-January and doesn't begin again until Labor Day weekend, although the time in between often feels like a full calendar year. 

The offseason actually has three mini-seasons unto itself. There's recruiting season, in between the national championship and National Signing Day. There's spring football, from National Signing Day to the last Saturday in April (or thereabouts). And then there's the time we're in now, the deadest of the dead portion of the college football news cycle.

Thankfully, Roanoke (Va.) Times Virginia Tech beat writer Andy Bitter has created a handy flow chart to help navigate this most difficult portion of the calendar. The chart was intended for fans and fellow media, but it'll help coaches understand how those around your program handles these long, long summer months. 

Well done, Mr. Bitter.

Handling college football's offseason news

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