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Video: An All Access look at how a high school coach starts changing a culture with his very first team workout

Gallia Academy is a high school in Ohio located near the West Virginia border, and the school recently named one of their former assistant coaches the new leader of the program.

After driving nearly an hour every day each way for his first head coaching job at Alexander HS (OH), Alex Penrod jumped at the opportunity to coach at his hometown, where he cut his teeth as an assistant, and it also cut his commute down to just about 10 minutes. Coach Penrod and his staff shared a video with us of his very first lifting session with his new team earlier this week where you can see him wasting no time to make a mark on his new program.

According to a recent interview, it all started when Penrod gave the players a few minutes to decide whether or not they were committed enough to show up for the team's first 7am workout under his leadership. The next morning, Penrod played close attention to who said they were going to be there, and who didn't, and who actually showed up the next morning.

Penrod then starts that morning session by letting his new players know 1-9 is no longer going to cut it at Gallia.

"1-9 is no longer acceptable. Back-to-back 1-9 is unacceptable., and it's time to be a new Blue Devil. It's time to restore this tradition men.," he tells his players before they start in on their grueling workout centered on using their body weight, and the bar with little no weight added. The emphasis was on the work, not the weight.

Check out Penrod's first enthusiastic session in the weight room with his guys below where he lays the groundwork for the future of his program.